Biden’s decision to make famous diplomat Burns head of Central Intelligence

Agency. Newly-elected US President Joe Biden is set to appoint William Burns, a well-known diplomat, as Central Intelligence Agency chief. Biden announced on Monday that he had been appointed director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Burns, who has served as a government employee for almost 33 years, is now 64 years old. He had previously served as ambassador to Russia and Jordan. He has served under both Democratic and Republican presidents.

He is known in the US government service and in the diplomatic arena as having a good image and effective ability. He also served under President Donald Trump’s administration from 2017 until a year ago. But Burns left after Trump’s diplomatic role was heavily criticized.

“Based on decades of work experience and expertise, William Burns is now an exemplary diplomat, with world-class knowledge and ability in defense and security,” Biden wrote on Twitter. Biden says his appointment as head of the intelligence service will benefit the nation and help those living in the United States sleep better.

He has also received various honors at a very high level as a person who has done a good job. Burns also holds a doctorate in international relations from Oxford University.

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प्रहरीमा ३० वर्षे सेवाअवधिको असर : एआईजी भएको २ दिनमै आईजिपी

प्रहरीमा ३० वर्षे सेवाअवधिको असर : एआईजी भएको २ दिनमै आईजिपी

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