DIG Singh lighting fire in Madhes to save from cold wave

Janakpur. The police, which has taken the responsibility of protecting the lives and property of the people, is busy lighting fire at this time. The fire is burning by transporting firewood from the village of Province 2 to the city.

With the onset of January, the ‘havoc’ of the cold wave has started in the Terai Madhes. It is already cold in the morning and evening, and the sun has not been seen in the afternoon for three days. The body is starting to harden. Hunekhane has started wearing thick clothes that he has saved. But for communities like Musahar and Dom in the Terai, where the economic situation is weakening, the cold wave is not only a disaster but also a disaster.

The straw of the poor is straw. The same straw is used for heating wood in Kathiangrida. In Dhanusha, Mahottari, Siraha, Saptari, Sarlahi, Rautahat, Bara and Parsa of Province 2, straw has become the main means of protection from cold in the poor and dalit settlements. The cold wave has affected the daily life of the poor. Daily laborers have not been able to go out in the morning. With the outbreak of the cold wave affecting the lives of the people, the police have made arrangements to heat the fire by setting fires in some places.

Chief of the State Police Office No. 2, Janakpurdham, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Dhiraj Pratap Singh said that arrangements have been made for the public to light fires in all the eight districts of State 2 under the Community-Police Partnership Program.

DIG Singh informed that the State Police Office No. 2, Janakpurdham has instructed all the eight District Police Chiefs under him to make arrangements for lighting fires in the local chowks and rural areas to make the citizens feel warm due to the cold.
Wooden mats and firewood have been burnt in all the eight districts of State-2. People’s life here has become difficult due to the cold that has been increasing for the past few days. Due to the thick fog, the cold wave has increased and there has been a problem in transportation.

Fog has increased the risk of accidents, while children, the elderly and laborers are in trouble. Asthma patients have been affected due to the cold.

Requesting to wear warm clothes to avoid the cold, the State 2 Police has made arrangements to heat the fire by lighting a muda in a crowded place.

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नेपाल प्रहरी

प्रहरीको सक्रियता : ६ महिनामा ५३६४ जना पक्राउ, १ अर्ब १९ करोडभन्दा बढी जरिवाना असुल

प्रहरीको सक्रियता : ६ महिनामा ५३६४ जना पक्राउ, १ अर्ब १९ करोडभन्दा बढी जरिवाना असुल

काठमाडौं । कर्तव्य ज्यान मुद्दाका फरार प्रतिवादी सिन्धुपाल्चोकका ४२ वर्षीय काले वाङगेल भन्ने निमा लामा पुस ३ गते पक्राउ परे । जिल्ला अदालत सिन्धुपाल्चोकको २०७१..