DSP Sharat Thapa’s one year in Lahan : What did he do?

Siraha । DSP Sharat Thapa Chhetri of Area Police Office Lahan has also been transferred to Nepal Police for the last time. He is also in the one-year tenure of regular transfer. It is also natural and procedural.

Now he is being talked about in the squares and especially in the political circles. From tea to gossip, when is the day for someone? From Lahan, some people are sighing that there was good peace and security when he was here.

It is said that many cases come to the Terai-Madhesh police offices. Some are real, some are reciprocal. In which the leaders put vegetables. They start doing vote politics. They use the police to intimidate the public in the name of issues. Rights activist Rajkumar Raut Kurmi says, “DSP Thapa was far from being a leader of a political party. He used to lead the investigation by leading the real events of the people. According to him, the incidents have played a role within the legal framework.

In the fiscal year 2076/77, 249 cases of various natures have been registered in IPR Lahan. Out of which 169 have been dismissed. Most of the cases have been settled during the tenure of DSP Thapa. He had come to Lahan on January 30. So far in the current Fiscal Year 077/078, 115 cases have been registered out of which 50 have been dismissed.

In the current fiscal year, 61 defendants have been arrested in 49 drug cases. According to the police, 118 kg of cannabis, 513 grams of brown sugar, 200 mg of white heroin, 1407 nitrovet tablets, 1931 fenargon, 280 bottles of Dilex Diesel and other drugs were recovered from them.

The goods worth Rs. Similarly, goods worth Rs. 27 lakh 78 thousand 334 and customs have been sent to 3 people in the current fiscal year. He has arrested 17 absconding defendants during his one-year tenure. Revenue of Rs. 4 lakh 26 thousand 773 has been collected from them.

Similarly, Lahan police has cracked 27,790 votes of cannabis on 4 bighas and 13 katthas of land during his tenure. According to the police, 32,889 liters of raw material of domestic liquor, 10,640 liters of ready-made liquor, 189 rents for making liquor and two machines have been seized and destroyed so far in the current fiscal year. A total of 49 tractors were handed over to Lahan Municipality for action to control illegal sand mining. Out of which 245,000 revenue has been collected.

More work in police stations

Lahan’s municipal police were confined to a room in the road department. The soldier removed his barracks. DSP Thapa took the initiative to make arrangements for the police to stay in the same barracks. Now, after completing the work of the official bodies of the government, 1 bigha 5 kattha 6 dhur land has come in the name of the police.

Similarly, a new pucca house for a pucca toll police post is under construction. Dhangadhimai Municipality has also acquired five blocks of land along the road for 12 Bishnupur Katti police posts. Similarly, work has been started at Thadi Police Post of Bhagwanpur Municipality by adding 4 poles to the previous land.

CCTV has been installed in various places to maintain peace and security in Lahan Bazaar. According to DSP Thapa, we have done the work within the legal framework. The service recipients will evaluate it.

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राजनीतिक नेतृत्वहरु कुरा गर्दाचाहिँ प्रहरीलाई बलियो बनाउनुपर्छ भन्नुहुन्छ,तर व्यबहारमा त्यो देखिन्न – सिंह

राजनीतिक नेतृत्वहरु कुरा गर्दाचाहिँ प्रहरीलाई बलियो बनाउनुपर्छ भन्नुहुन्छ,तर व्यबहारमा त्यो देखिन्न – सिंह

काठमाडौं । राजनीतिक नेतृत्वहरू कुरा गर्दाचाहिँ प्रहरीलाई बलियो बनाउनुपर्छ भन्नुहुन्छ । ऐन–कानुन संशोधन गरेर बलियो नीति बनाउनुपर्छ भन्नुहुन्छ, तर व्यवहारमा त्यो देखिन्न  निवर्तमान प्रहरी महानिरीक्षक..